Another Maple Update - Shoes and puppy friends!

Maple is doing so good at the shop! She still has an obsession with shoes and socks and often times, when our guest come in, they will see random pairs in fitting rooms or on tables! Her favorite part of the day is when our guest try shoes on, but even more so when they buy a pair and wear them out of the shop! This means she gets to keep the cardboard or paper inserts and tear them up into little pieces! 
Also some of you may not know this, but maple has a brother from her litter who is the shop-dog at trillion diamonds and jewelry in the top of the hill shops in Fish Creek! He stops by to visit and it is always guaranteed fun and entertainment, not only for maple and blue, but for anyone who is lucky enough to be in the shop at that time! They play hard!
Maple also has a new friend named Menard! Menard is a berner-doodle! If Maple has the day off or his mama is working a longer shift you may get lucky enough to see him running around the shop!
Shannon from Twisted Tree
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