Shop Small Saturday

Guess where I'll be shopping this year?
Because I have always been a fan of Free People, of my favorite little boutique for years, has been Fred & Co. in Fish creek! Her clothing reminds me of my inner free spirit!
Pretty jewelry on your list, visit Maple’s brother Blu at Trilliant Diamonds and Jewelry and grab something pretty. And check out Fine Line Designs, of course we all know they have the best painting and sculpture’s, but the also have beautiful jewelry to! Need to find something unique, check out Sister Golden in fish Creek. I have the most beautiful solar lanterns hanging in my trees from this shop! But they also have everything from rugs to kimonos! Need some outdoor wear, leisure wear or date night shoes, well Sister Bay has you covered with our friends shops, Bayshore Outfitters, Ecology Sports, On Deck & Spot! Need something for your home that will make you smile, well then Space in Sister Bay is a must. Need to put up a prepared dinner or a quick sandwich, head over to Culinaria! Need something vintage, then you can check out Vintique, Simple Solutions, Julie’s Upscale Retail, and Reclaimed Resale and Workshop! There are so many small businesses to explore both new and old that are so grateful for you generous support this year! Happy Shop Small day and thank you for your continued support!
Shannon from Twisted Tree
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